Helping to grow a creative community

QUED Crafts is about community! We are committed to establishing a tool that will allow others to share the joy of creativity and art! Now, it's more important than ever to have an outlet that would offer itself to many looking for others that share in your interest and we are finding ways of crafting online tools for us to do so!

Our Story

Picking The Right Materials

From digital to physical, we all have a sense of design. Finding what works for you is part of the battle and so we understand this and wanted to create a platform that would allow us to educate and entertain while offering products that would be simple for others to recreate! This is why we have digital downloads that others can purchase and sale. We also have demos showcasing how we crafted some of the projects on this site.


Designed to Perfection

Ever had a design or character in your head and had to get it out? Us too! As Artists and Designers we often of through several processes looking for the "PERFECT DESIGN," but design is not perfect, it progress! On our printed cards we've gone through many looks and colors looking for the ideal print and can up with a great design and plays well with our digital app! More about the app soon!


Pride in our Craft

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using crafts as a tools for therapy is to become your own crafter. When you enjoy what what you love, you embody it! You see it in every part of your life and know that you can not be without it. We understand those feelings and take pride in this.  


Brilliant Minds

Community! This is what we are building and invite you to become apart of it! We love to see others work and want to share some of our own! Let's create a sustainable community of individuals that share designs, trade resources, and grow together!


Making spaces for incredible work —


The ability to create save you financially and can have better value because you've made it yourself 


When you know what went into your work, you know how well it was assembled! Taking time to do it right and your caliber of work will speak for itself. 


Want to go fast? Go alone! What to go far? Go together! This holds true in the crafting community and we encourage asking for critiques as a way of enhancing your skills.


From coffee cups to custom greeting cards should you build it, others will find the true value in it! That's why we're building this community! Develop with us!


Age, creed, or any self classification is welcomed! We invite you to make new friends, network, and ideas that will help someone else.


Whether you enjoy solitude or a crowd having a the right resources for the job it vital to the completion of your project. Having the right rhythm will keep you motivated and will assist in the success of your project.